15 Shades of Yay!

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Summer is a great time for cute colors. Basically, anything goes! Bubble-gum pinks, bursts of blue, bright oranges, and even ultra-glam purple.


I love matching colors with my mood and style. So, if I’m hanging out with friends I’ll stick to simple tones, or if I’m going out-out I’ll try something punchier.


Lipstick is my favorite way to add color and express myself. So, I’ve put together my favorite summer picks for the months ahead. If you like it, let me know what you think #15shadesofyay


Ok, let do this!



I heart everything in Kylie’s range. It’s super fun and long-lasting. But, this matt lipstick is my go-to for long summer days. It’s subtle enough to wear to school, as well as sassy enough for out and about. #Nailedit!



A little holler to my Greek roots! Turkish delights are my favvvvvv sweets, reminding me of my vacation to Athens. Boy are they yummy and so is this lipstick. Actually, it’s a lip gloss, but hey let’s not sweat the details! This light pretty shade is girly and pretty, and goes with everything in my closet.



It’s funny that this is called Backstage Bambi, because it’s exactly the sort of lipstick I’d wear to a gig. Pretty in pink #idontthinkso, more like party in pink, yeah that’s what I’m talking about! I also love the cool studded case. Very rock ‘n’ roll.



OMG where have you been all my life? This is like having dessert every day, but in lipstick format. I can’t get enough! The answer to every summer outfit, this bright red shade screams SUMMERTIME. But it gets better, it’s scented too with sprinkley bits inside. Delish!



Summer is all about bold bright colors, right? One of my favorites from cult cosmetics Huda Beauty is ‘Video Star’. A lipstick pencil fits in every bag I own as well, double yay!



Sure, I’m a Katy-Kat, I mean who isn’t! Katy Perry is the ultimate celebration of summertime. This neat purple shade goes really well with pastel colours, which I try and combine it with.



Ri-Ri does summertime well! Inspired by her style, this juicy orange shade gives me all the feels! I want them all, but for now I’ll stick with Saw-C.



We got this! According to Vogue and Pantone, Ultra Violet is one of the big colour trends this year. Soaking up all the right vibes, this ultra-purple stick of loveliness will keep you bang on trend….



This soon-to-be baby-mama, knows how to rock out in style! I love the way Kat Von D chooses brave shades that make you feel empowered when you’re wearing them. If I have to do presentations or even when I’m feeling a little insecure, this colour brings out the inner ‘Von D’ in me too!



Shout out to the junior college student who designed this pale pink lipstick. Half of the proceeds go towards helping a civil rights organization against the Trump admin, while all of July’s sales went to families that were separated at the border. I can’t think of a better way to stay cool this summer!



Trademark Jenner light tones mixed with a dash of glitter, make this an irresistible summer must have! Team with sliders and a smile for the best results!


Nothing says sunshine better than melons! This happy glossy shade is the perfect colour for going out with friends.



Trust me, this is an all-rounder you need in your life! Dab a bit on your lips and cheeks, for that dewy Hollywood glow. Since it’s teeny weeny, it fits nicely in your purse too!



It can be worn alone, or on top of another shade for an extra touch of va-va-cool! It’s hard not to love this lip-smacking shade, that gives me the perfect pout!  



For trips to the beach you’re going to need a long-lasting lipstick. That’s when to reach for this waterproof gloss that’s going nowhere fast. You’re gonna slay in the sun! (Currently on sale).



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