5 Signs Your Crush is Into You

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bumped foreheads with your girlfriends as you all try to read a text from that crush, decoding every word with surgical precision. We’ve all been there. It’s actually ridiculous how much time can be spent analyzing a single line of text.

Studying a guy’s behavior in person can be tricky, too. Is that him you can feel looking at you in your peripheral vision? Was he just being curious when he asked what your favorite makeup brands were?

Maybe you’ve seen a friend assume a guy was into her when he wasn’t. Ouch. You definitely want to avoid that. At the same time, you also don’t want to be the girl who needs it spelled out in writing when someone’s crushing on her.

But I’ve got good news, ladies…

If you know what to look for, it’s easier than you think to figure out if your crush is picking up what you’re putting down.

Here’s a list of the top five signs your crush is into you:

Read that body language of your crush

Much of human communication is done with words, but the rest is in the body language. Even if he’s shy about approaching you, if you pay attention to his body language, you’ll find clues.

Eye contact is a big one. Have you ever been caught staring at your crush the teen fashion? If you’re like me, you may have even perfected the smooth “look away slowly as if you weren’t actually staring at him” move. Oh yeah, we’ve all been there.

We can’t help looking at what (or who) we like. If he’s on the bolder side, he might maintain heavy eye contact during a conversation. Anyone who’s been on the receiving end of some intense eye flirtation knows how thrilling that feels.

Then there are the subtler signs. He’ll probably gravitate to wherever you are, standing close enough to be on your mind. When he speaks to you, he’ll smile and lean in closer.

Actions really can speak louder than words, so be on the lookout.

Your crush remembers the little things

When you’re into someone, you pay serious attention to every word that comes out of their mouth. If he says he’s crazy about a certain movie, you’re definitely going to at least look up the synopsis.

It’s no different with guys. If your crush likes you, he’s going to listen closely. He’ll remember seemingly insignificant details that you’d forgotten you even said.

He’ll also notice the little things. Your makeup brands, your favorite necklace, you name it. Sure, anyone who knows you might comment if you go from bleach blonde hair to brunette. But if it’s something much more discrete, like you changing the anklet you usually wear, that shows pointed interest.

He’s blowing up your phone.

Is your crush always the first one to send a text, even over something that could totally have waited till you saw him in person? Does he consistently try to keep the conversation going? No guy is going to invest that much time in a girl he’s not curious about.  

Of course, you might also notice his presence on your social media. Is he the first person to like or comment on your adorable selfies? Or – even more transparent – does he go back and like pictures from weeks ago? Stalking your Instagram is a dead give-away of his interest.

Your crush got major opinions about other guys in your life.

Alright, so this one probably goes without saying. When a guy has strong opinions about other dudes in your life, there’s a reason for it. He might try to casually belittle or make fun of any guy you mention, too.

If he doesn’t know you that well, this one might show up in the form of questions. Anytime you mention a male you know, he’ll pry for more details. What’s your relationship? How long have you known him? Do you hang out a lot?

Launching an investigation into the other fellas in your life is a major signal that he’s hooked.

He’s there for anything you need.

Sure, some people are naturally helpful. If a personable guy offers to send you a link to those new makeup brands you say you’re interested in, it’s not a definite sign he’s into you. But there’s a difference between that guy and the one who bends over backward to help you filter through those makeup brands the second he sees you need help.

An attracted guy will be on high alert for any indication that he could lend a hand. He’ll go out of his way to offer his help, even if this means researching makeup brand he knew nothing about. He’s trying to show you that he’s useful and motivated. Guys who are “just being friendly” don’t make that much of an effort.

So, there you have it – five of the best signs that your crush is crushin’ back. Once you’ve spotted a couple of these cues, it’s time to get your best flirt game on.

Your move, ladies!

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