Beautiful Drag Queen Make-up Looks I noticed during the Halloween

Don’t we just love Halloween; The costumes, make-ups, dressing up and an excuse to be away from home for a night or two? It’s so exciting. Halloween  fun does not start on the night of Halloween though. It starts with the shopping. When searching the internet for the trending teen fashion styles, and make-ups, and the sexy teen costumes…it’s all sassy and so exciting.

By the way, I was so wowed by the Victoria Secret angel costumes worn by the Kardashian sisters, did you see it on Insta? You’ve got to. Jeez, they were on another level. What made the costumes even more meaningful is the make-up; a few things impress me more than when the make-up blends well with the costume.

So, this year’s Halloween was short. You see, a single night is just never enough for these sensational events. However, in its shortness lay its sweetness. I was unusually keen on the costumes and I noted some impressively creative Halloween teen fashion ideas which I’m so excited to share with you, read on.

Well, many would argue that this post would have been more relevant before the Halloween, but isn’t everyday a Halloween for a Drag Queen? We love playing around with the costumes, and we never give up on slaying, and rocking in anything that works for party events. I know you feel me, so here comes some charming Drag Queen teen fashion suggestions.

The Animal Theme

Animal theme make up courtesy of incredible snaps

What’s your animal theme, a lion, a hare or a cheetah?You can choose any animal, a cat, a bird, a lion anything that you like then play around its creativity. Here is one such look for butterflies, you can do the same and change the colors or the hairdo. Whichever theme you choose, you can make some cool, unique and trendy outfit out of it.

Pretty Little Girl Look 

Pretty little girl theme

Pretty is classic and will look cute on you for almost any occasion. The look comes in many shades but often has a lot of bright colors. You may add a twist to it, say by adding glitters along one side of the eye running from the temple down to the cheekbones. Hairdo is never that serious so you can complement it with some creative pony tails or even simple piggy tails for a youth girl fashion touch. The trick to bringing out the little girl in drag queen Halloween look lies in the makeup. Trust me, you’ll turn heads with this.

Half-Face Oz Character

The half face oz theme courtesy of Dorothy Gale

Well, this is a little complicated but worth the hassle. It requires some mastery to bring out so you’ll probably consider visiting a saloon to bringing it out. Or a studio makeup artist. Remember, it is worth the effort because you’ll probably be the only one in your squad rocking in this. It’s a unique and outstanding Halloween look.

Rise of the Underworld

Isn’t this the ultimate Halloween look? I mean, like everyone I saw over the Halloween wore a version of this. It’s quite subtle, mature and very reserved. Usually, it’s made of high End Make Up Brands. And I’m sure a version of this will work for a number of events. The costume definitely influences the choice of colors for the eyes and lips. Hollow contact lenses have a lot to contribute to this look but it sure is a killer one right there.

Parting Shot on Halloween Make Ups

Choosing a Halloween costume, or a costume for those exciting parties we all love is such a task. However, deciding to go the Drag Queen way is certainly not for the faint hearted. It requires courage, effort, creativity and a good eye to pull off. Oh, did I mention how long it would take to do the makeup? It takes hours to apply and set. Halloween is the only time you got a valid excuse to be freaky, take advantage and try something totally outrageous! But you can use these teen fashion tips as an inspiration to come up with something sassy and hair-raising for almost any event. I dare you…

If you found this piece insightful, feel free to skim through my blog for some awesome fashion advice.

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