5 Tips to Buying Clothes Online

Buying Clothes online…

Buying Clothes online is fun, definitely. Being able to buy your favorite shirt dress, bomber jacket, or whatever you need to make a strong statement when stepping out – without leaving the house, or even the bed – that’s a privilege I’d pay a fortune for (if I didn’t already have it).

While buying clothes online has its seemingly endless list of perks, it’s not without drawbacks. There can be pretty nasty surprises especially with the fit. You order for medium pants, I mean, you know your size so you used the word. You’re exited to try ‘em on, but then, they arrive more than two sizes too small. How did that happen? What went wrong?

Well. We have the answers…and the tips to save yourself such headaches. Here are five such tips to use next time you go Buying Clothes online.

Get your exact measurements

Size medium, large, small, you name it. We’ve heard and used them all the time we go shopping for clothes. But the problem is, these terms can be pretty vague in application. There’s just no universal measurement for each size. A size large from one brand or batch will fit you like a medium from a different brand.

On the brighter side, there’s a simple fix for this mismatch. Instead of going for your size category, just pick the exact measurements that fit your size, and you can be sure to keep your smile when the cloth arrives.

Use the size charts at the designer’s website   

With your bust, hips, waist and inseam sizes on hand, the next stop should be the size chart on the site you’re shopping from.

Most fashion websites that carry multiple brands tend to use general measurements as guidelines. After finding your favorite piece(s), you’ll want to head over to the designer’s website just to see how these numbers compare. You’ll be able to get something more accurate than what’s available with the online shop.

Pay attention to the size the model is wearing when
Buying Clothes online

Once you identify a model your height, it’s easier to gauge whether the piece will hit the mark in terms of length. You don’t have to have the same bust or hip sizes, even though that would be a plus. Anyways, all you need is to look at the fit to get an idea if those killer jeans will be a hit or miss on you.

View the runway videos

A picture says more than words, but videos are just better. They’re more realistic and allow you to see the item in action. So, jump on them.

If you’re shopping from Net-a-Porter or ASOS, you’re in luck. They always have videos included alongside their product shots to give you a feel of how the pieces look in real life. And, hey, there are more sites that do this, so just do your homework.

Research materials

I’m guessing that you’re not planning to write off your super cute shift dress after wearing it only once, do you?

Well, how cotton will look and feel on your body after a couple of washes is different from how polyester will look and feel. With a bit of research, you should know exactly what will give you the best bang for your buck over the long haul.

Thank me later.

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