Don’t Call Demi A “Bad Girl” — She’s Just Speaking Out

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Demi Lovato,  one of the sweetest; yet most powerful voices on pop radio today, has recently experienced one of the darkest, scariest and loneliest times of her life.   It is no secret that Demi has battled through several dark times in her life over the years.  In 2015 she
It is her strength and weakness, yet her pain and epic-ness that keeps us turning up the volume every time for more and more of her raw authentic tones and lyrics.
We are crazy to think that none of that has come without a price.  A price that many creative artists continue to pay…and for what..??? Their fans??

The battle of addiction is no joke and Demi’s near-fatal overdose , which happened only 2 months ago, is a reminder to us all just how serious of a battle addiction really is.

We are so proud of you Demi for choosing to speak out for help!  Girl you are so courageous.  Stay strong!

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