Five Fun Ways To exercise For Free

You could say that it’s taken a while to be a gym bunny. You kind of have to get over the pain and then start to enjoy the benefits. While I’m no teen workout Queen, I am partial to staying fit. If there’s a way to stay active in my usual day, then I try and do that.

If you’re reluctant to take part in teen workout activities, then try and make it part of your morning routine. Whether it’s quick lift of weights, or a walk around the block, I try and get active first thing. It frees me up for the rest of the day, to get on with life.

If you follow me on Instagram or on my teen blog, you’ll see that I occasionally post pictures of my workout. But I’ll be honest, I’m a hot mess of sweat, so I tend not to post too much, LOL!

Here’s the thing. There are lots of great ways to stay in shape and at no (or little cost). Here’re a couple of ways I try and introduce exercise in to my life, which might help you too.

Mini Golf with the Girls

Mini golf is such fun! I round up the #girlsquad and we sometimes try different things. The great thing with mini golf, or any golf I guess, is that it’s a cardiovascular exercise. In fact, you can burn around 300 calories on a typical mini golf game, not bad for teen workout!

The walking and chasing of the ball, bending over and squatting down, along with swinging the club, all add up and tone up. Plus, you’re using a wide range of different muscles, which as we know in exercise, is good for overall health. Why not try it, you might just find that it’s the perfect exercise for girls!

The other fun thing with mini golf, is that you get to wear what you like. Here I am looking super-serious before a hole-in-one! Note the Vans, denim hot pants and shirt – that’s the look alright 😉

Cost – Go with friends and split the cost. Ok, so it’s not free but $10 for an hour of fun with friends can easily be passed off as socialising not exercise!

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Yep, the simple sport of walking has no-end of positive benefits. Wellbeing is super important and something we can easily overlook. I recently went through a stressful moment and found that a simple walk on my own for 20 minutes helped clear my mind.

If you have an iPhone or Fitbit, this is a great way to clock your steps. The golden rule of 10,000 steps a day seems a lot, but actually a walk for breakfast and again at lunch time easily covers that range.

Cost – Other than investing in a solid pair of sneakers, walking is a fun free pastime that everyone can do.



Trekking is just walking on a long journey, usually through nature. For this you’re gonna need to ditch the vans, and invest in some serious walking boots. The great thing about trekking, is the photo opportunities it presents. Think of it as one big selfie-opportunity!

I fell in love with long walks by nature when I visited the Greek island of Kalamata a few years back. The natural beauty of green trees and forests, surrounded by the calming waters made me want to trek every day.

I know that in LA, there’s some great spots that online influencers on the west coast rave about, like Runyon Canyon.  Here in Clearwater there’s plenty of parks and outdoor places to enjoy by foot. Have a look at your local neighbourhood and see what sights you can explore and uncover… and oh, don’t forget to take a selfie while you’re there and share it with me!

Cost – nadda!

Dance, Dance, Dance!

When I’m not singing, I’m dancing! Find your favourite soundtrack and put it on every day, just a few minutes of getting your heart rate up will make a difference. Between Five Seconds of Summer and Nicki Minaj’s new album, I’m making the most of my Spotify subscription at the moment! That said, I’ve also rediscovered my love for Nick Jonas too #notsosecretcrush.

You can burn off anything from 100 – 400 calories from a half hour of exercising, making it a very productive way of keeping fit! Suddenly all those late-night party invitations seem like a good excuse to get on the dance floor, right…  

Cost – not one sweet dime!

Dance exercise
Dance for exercise


Florida is a great place to live, as you’re never far from water. If you’re lucky enough to live near the sea, then make the most of it. A swim a day in the sea has untold benefits, not to mention it’s the favourite teen workout in many places.

Otherwise, a local swimming pool will do. It’s also the perfect excuse to kit yourself out in that Kendall+Kylie bikini you’ve been yearning after. Go on, you deserve it!

I’ll be honest, I don’t focus as much as I should when I go swimming. But just 30 mins of non-stop lengths truly makes a difference, while killing 200 calories at the same time. Find a way to fit it in to your day, so that you look forward to a gentle splash.

Cost – free if you live by the sea or have your own pool, otherwise the cost for entry (usually $5-8).

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So, there you have it, five great and free (or almost free) ways to keep fit while having fun. Like anything else, exercise is something you have to work at, but the benefits for looking and feeling great make it all worthwhile!

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