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7 Fall Handbag Essentials for Every Girl

Handbag Essentials

So the Fall/Winter season is upon us; time to take out those long trench coats and cardigans, dust them off and make them a part of your daily wear. No more sun dresses and tank tops you picked from the best online clothing stores. Sigh!

On the bright side, the start of a new season always means that we get to go shopping. So yes, time to return to those best online clothing stores and stack up on fall essentials.

Whenever I step out in the fall season, there are always a few things that I must have in my bag, for various reasons. I simply cannot do without them and I feel like every girl must have them as well.

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Now I am someone who likes to be prepared at all times. You know those memes and troll videos where the girl reaches into her bag to get something and ends up taking ages rummaging through the millions of other stuff in her bag?

Yeah, I’m one of them.

And I know many of you are too.

So here are my top 7 Fall handbag essentials for ever girl.

Hair brush

You know how the fall winds are. The minute you dress up and step out of your house, your straightened and neatly combed hair gets blown all over your face with a gust of wind, and by the time you reach your destination, it’s like you just suffered a fit or an electric shock.

So, you absolutely must carry a hair brush with you in your handbag. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A wooden brush with wide teeth is preferable, because you want something to detangle any knots or frizz.

Dry shampoo

The fall weather brings all kinds of hair woes with it. Depending on the humidity levels and the speed and frequency of the wind, your hair can pretty much be a mess if you spend a lot of time outside. And by a lot of time, I mean even around 2 or 3 hours because that’s enough for the wind to do its job.

So whether your hair gets oily or bushy or frizzy, dry shampoo will be your saving grace.

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Lip balm

Fall – the hot months are now behind us. The colder are setting in and we all know, sometimes fall can get a little chilly too, especially during the evening and nights. And what’s synonymous with chilly winds? Dry and chapped lips of course!

The last thing you want is to end up at your friend’s place wearing the best clothes from the best online clothing stores, but with ugly chapped lips.

So a lip balm is your best friend in fall, though winter. You could wear the best teen makeup, but without something buttery, soft and comfortable on your lips, all that makeup will do little to bring out your A game.   

handbag essentials
A lip balm is an essential fall accessory

Hand cream

Just like your lips, your hands may also have to suffer the wrath of the cold winds. Hence, you should also have a hand cream at all times, because if someone by any chance reaches out to touch you, you don’t want them to get poked by the dead skin on your hand (alright, that might be an exaggeration, but you know what I mean).

The Body Shop and L’Occitane are two of my favourite brands for hand creams, as they always have super creamy and quick absorbing formulas. And the fragrance is a bonus.

handbag essential


Scarf can be useful in so many ways, really. If you’re travelling and you want to keep your hair from blowing, you can put the scarf over your head. If you want to just blot your face to get rid of some little sweat that shows up, your scarf can come in handy.

Over everything, scarves are one of those accessories that can pull a whole look together. Just tie it around your neck, or your head for a retro look. So, head over to any of your best online clothing stores and get yourself a nice looking scarf to accompany you everywhere you go throughout the season.

Handbag essential

Hand sanitizer

The summer-fall-winter transition is always a time for the flu; also many other diseases that can be caused to air borne bacteria. Mere travelling can get your face and hands loaded with germs.

handbag essential
Hand sanitizer; a handbag essential

Now, you can’t keep showering throughout the day, so the least you can do is clean your hands, because obviously you’re going to use that a lot.

Face Mist

The wind and cold can do just as much damage to your face as it does to your hair. And if you’re wearing your teen makeup, the mess is worse.

A face mist is a quick fix to a dry and tired face. It provides instant glow. You don’t have to worry about your face getting too oily either, because it’s not summer.

is a quick fix to a dry and tired face. It provides instant glow. You don’t have to worry about your face getting too oily either, because it’s not summer.

handbag essential

These essentials are apart from the regular everyday essentials by the way, like a compact, a nude lipstick and tissues.

What’s on your essentials list?

Is there anything I should add to this list?

I’d love to know!

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