Choosing a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Emerging from the hairdresser’s feeling like a million dollar bill? Nothing feels better than that. The hairstyle; that’s what I feel like talking about today.

When it’s time to change your appearance and try something new, girl, it’s always cool to go bold. Who doesn’t want to be the talk of the crew for all the good reasons anyway? It’s all about trying something that makes you stand out. Besides, isn’t that what it takes to be a trendsetter?  

Not so fast. While the answer would be an instant YES if the topic was fashion, there’s a little bit of a difference when it comes to hairstyles.

In fashion, all you have to do is do the trend right. With hairstyles, there’s one major limiting factor: your face shape. It kind of determines (and limits your options for) the kind of hairstyle that you’ll rock in <long silence>.

Well. It’s not as bad (or hard) as it sounds. There are a few tips that once you have handy, it gets much easier to choose the perfect hairstyle for yourself (so you can go as bold as you care to without messing up).

First things first: the face shapes

Face shapes

Your face can be circular, oval, diamond shaped, rectangular, square or heart shaped. Those are some six different generally recognised shapes for our faces.

If you are unsure what shape your shape is, then right this minute, go to your mirror. Pull your hair waaay back; then take a closer look. What do you see? Can you recognise any of the six shapes there on the reflection in front of you? I bet you can.

A circular face

Right away, your face is considered circular if it has round features. If you have this kind of face, you’ll want a hairstyle that makes it look longer. That is, you’ll want to avoid cutting your hair shorter than the level of your chin.

A long straight hair, long wavy ponytail or long fringe should therefore be your ideal choice of hairstyle.

Oval shaped face

If you have an oval face then you’re lucky because virtually any hairstyle can work for you. However, you may want to emphasize your best features, in which case you should go for medium length hair, a bob cut (just above the shoulder), or some light waves.

Diamond shaped face

Faces that are diamond shaped are widest at the cheeks, literally, just like a diamond. Think oval, but with a bit more pronounced features. With this kind of face, you’ll want to soften the appearance of the cheeks and avoid accentuating straight lines.

A medium length hair with side parting, thick fringe with waves or pixie cut (very short hair) should be perfect.

A rectangular/long face

Rectangle faces have defined chins and cheekbones. If this is your face, you should try make it look shorter with your hairstyle. Go for long hair with a fringe, medium waves and a fringe, or a bob with a fringe. If you haven’t noticed, the fringe is there to help with the shortening.

Square shaped face

With a square face, you should go for a hairstyle that helps soften the sharp corners of your face to make it look rounder. Multiple layers, long curls or a short sideways fringe should do the magic.

Heart and Triangle shaped faces

Some people refer to this as triangular (only inverted) or V-shaped face. Such people have a distinctive chin, and look their best with a medium length flow, medium length curls or a side ponytail. These hairstyles help draw more attention to the eyes and cheeks instead of chin.

There you have it. Next time you want to follow the trends, be sure that you are also considering an option that’s in synch with your individual features – I’m talking the overall compatibility of your hairstyle with your face.

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