How To: Choosing a Teen Party Dress

First, we’re not going to be teenagers for that long, teenage flies so let’s just have fun and explore all the teenage fashion as we cruise through the teen-ages. So, at this point we’re obviously growing out of mum’s taste, or at least her choice of teen party dresses for our expeditions.

I know you understand how I mean, right? Like why should mummy choose the dress for us when we’re old enough to make the choice? (Well,occasionally we may need their opinion but that’s just it).

A few years ago my mom had so much say on mydressing. She chose the dresses and paid for them. But now I feel I’m oldenough to make the choice independently.

My taste is a little different thanhers; her taste is a little old fashioned, or I’d say a bit reserved. It justdoesn’t click with what works for me or other teen girls.

I always feel that my choice of party dresses should be unique, authentic, classy, and trendy. I don’t want to appear a copycat, so it has to be original. And the wardrobe additions and make-up brands must be spot-on. You see, Vara Gianna is brand, Lol!

The sense of fashion teen girls is awaking to a sensational teenage fashion and are aware of the latest trends and styles. Some of us like it complicated, say, like Kendall Jenner while others like it simple and subtle like Salena Gomez.

Either way, we all want to be elegant and outstanding during the parties. On this post, I share some valuable teen fashion tips, not just for us teenagers but for everyone looking to fit in a teenage party.

Here we go;

Dressing up and looking good has little to do withhow expensive your dress is, but how well covers your body (or expose a portionof it as appropriate for the occasion).

The teen fashion accessories to go with it; the makeup, hair and shoes also have a lot to contribute to your appearance. However, today I’ll focus on choosing a party dress.

What party is it?

Different parties call for different dress codes. Fora school dance; you’ll need a comfortable dress that will allow you to dancefreely without any restrictions.

For a friend’s birthday party; some friend swill suggest a dress code for uniformity (okay, the uniformity is an excuse to prevent you from stealing the show from the birthday girl, haha.) but most girls will leave it open for you to wear whatever you’re most comfortable in.

Fora wedding; an easy light dress with a minimum colors will do just fine, but if the couple has a theme or a color scheme it’s courteous to stick to it.

How about dressing up for Prom night? How could Iforget this?!It’s the ultimate party for all teenage girls, and we know howmuch it means to us. For this, something sexy is ideal.

A short cocktail dressor a sassy long ballroom gown will do just fine; something beautiful, unique,and breathe-taking.

Dress for Your Body Type

Understanding your body type is the first step todressing appropriately for a party. Knowing your body shape helps you optimizeyour physique to bring the best out of every curve.

Besides choosing a teenage party dress, it also helps you settle on the most appropriate wardrobe accessories for your shape.

Always get a dress that fits your size; too tight will make you appear thin while too loose will make you appear plump.Loving your body and dressing it appropriately is the ultimate fashion secret.

What’s Your Budget? You don’t have to break a bank for a party dress.

Almost everyone wants to order their teen party dresses from the best online clothing stores. But not everyone can afford that, and that’s alright. Whatever your budget is, shopping right will get you exactly what you need.

I am one of those people who hit the thrift shop; spend hours searching through the online shopping stores and eventually comes out with something really nice.

I don’t do all my shopping for teen party dresses in high end fashion stores. It’s a skill I’ve perfected over the years. It is better to start your shopping at affordable stores before hitting the high end designer online shopping stores,especially if you are on a tight budget.

Wrap Up; Golden tip to getting the ultimate teen fashion party dress

My advice is, when choosing the perfect party dress,think of your body shape, be proud of it and go for something that brings outyour beautiful features. Comfort comes first.

It is the best cue to standing out because it gives you the confidence to be you. Expensive does not guarantee glamour, so stay within your budget. Understand the occasion and dress appropriately.

For more posts on teen fashion, skim through the Vara Gianna Fashion Blog and I promise you’ll find some impressive resources.

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