Must Have: 10 Things Every Teen Girl Should Have

As a girl, sailing through your teen years is never easy. Boys start hitting at you, hormones start to happen, and you always have to get all dolled up with the latest teen fashion, because, let’s face it: we love the attention <wink>.  It comes with a few “must haves”

Well, it can be plain tough to juggle all of it.  

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to enjoy being a teenage girl, quite the opposite. You just need to have the right ingredients to make it easier. Here are ten of the best hacks you need.  

1  Self Confidence

Believing that you’re beautiful, that you’re smart, and that the boys that can’t take their eyes off you at that farthest corner of the room are actually captivated, and not surprised by your looks – that’s a big one. That’s self-confidence. It’s the ingredient you need to be able to do impossible things.

Whether you’re looking to excel at wearing the latest teen fashion or the best makeup for teens, you need self-confidence to believe that you’re doing it right.

It’s that belief in your abilities that will enable you to hit the stage at the sorority party and carry the day as the best dancer, or turn down a relationship offer from the guy you’re not exactly attracted to. You need this quality gals, and it all starts with believing in yourself.

2   Courage

Courage and confidence go hand in hand. Teenage years often come with lots of dreams, some which get fulfilled, and others that end up remaining as dreams forever. Simply, courage is what stands between you and your unfulfilled dreams.

With courage, you’ll have the impetus to chase those dreams that appear too big for so young a girl. Courage is all that Vara Gianna needed to become a 15 year old makeup artist. The belief that you know the best makeup for teens, and the courage to stand by it; that’s all you need to become a globally recognized makeup artist as a teenage girl.  

3  A Perfect Shade of Red Lipstick

Ahem! Hello boldness.   

Ever had a chance to talk to a man who wears a red necktie? That inherent sense of superiority, that subliminal message of supremacy. The red lipstick is the feminine equivalent of the red necktie.

Find your perfect shade of red for your lips, own it, and you can walk with your head raised high, your chest noticeably distended forwards, and your eyes calmly focused on the direction you’re headed whenever you have it on.

4   A Tongue That Talks to the Point

This is about knowing when, where, what and how to talk! 

There’s a thin line between self-confidence and negative pride for those observing you. You obviously want to avoid the latter, especially after you’ve set your standards somewhere above average. Keep your tones to the point and avoid any unnecessary conversations whenever you can.

5   An Attitude That Doesn’t Offend

It’s only natural to think yourself to be a princess as a teen. We’re always in our own world where freedom is everything. It helps to pay close attention to the people around you.

Is your princess attitude getting a bit too royal for their liking? You don’t want to end up alone, so enjoy being you, but remain sensitive to the people in your surroundings. 

6-   A Handbag from Victoria’s Secret

A handbag is every girl’s wardrobe essential. Safety pins are carried in there. Makeup for teens are always in the handbag. Car and house keys all have their place in the girl’s purse.

Well, Victoria’s secret is not a must! I take that back. You can choose where to get your bag from, but you cannot choose whether or not to have one.

7   A Go-to Makeup Kit

Makeup for teens come in handy. You’ll need a kit so that your makeup is always on hand to bring back your beautiful side after you’ve sweated it out at the tennis court, or after you’ve been to the swimming pool.  

8   A Cute Pair of Sunglasses

You got a crush on someone? You’re going to need somewhere to hide your orbs while taking a long peek at them. Often for us, girls, this perfect vantage point is someplace behind a good shade of fairly dark sunglasses.

More seriously though, you don’t want anything to come between you and your vision. At the same time, we all want to get some tan for a good time at the beach. So, sunglasses. Get some.  

9 Ability to Swing in a Punch

O, self-defense called! There are a lot of jerks you have to face as a teenager, especially if those curves showed up a bit on time. Some knowledge of where to hit and how hard, can always get them to toe the line as far as respecting you is concerned. Caveat: this is not the stunt you want to pull all the time.

10 A Let-Go Attitude

Teenage is the time you learn to love someone cute. And with that always lurks a heartbreak or two. Prepare to let go and move on. It is part of the whole growth process that we all have to undergo. With a good let-go attitude, you won’t feel the pinch as such.

So, which of these is completely new to you?

I’d loooove to know.

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