Teen Makeup Tips: 6 Bold Eyeshadows to Try This Summer

If you’ve spent any time on my instagram page, you know that even though I love a nude makeup look, I also like to experiment with pops of color. In my opinion, summer’s the best time to go bold with your beauty routine because everything—from nature to your wardrobe—is already so vibrant.

If you’re not used to working with color, trying a bright lip gloss in orange or fuschia is a great way to experiment and see what works best with your personality and skin tone. Then, when you’re ready to go further, I recommend a fun, bright-colored eyeshadow. A bright eye can definitely be intimidating if you’ve never tried it, but I promise that it’s easier to pull off than you think—and you’ll be glad you did when you start noticing that passing strangers can’t keep their own eyes off of yours.

I’m going to share a few of my new favorite eyeshadow shades for this summer, but before I get to that, I want to give you a couple dos and don’ts to help you look fierce instead of foolish.

Do Keep your lips neutral when you’re rocking bold eye color. Bright eyes + bright lips = clown face.

Don’t Be afraid to choose a color with a lot of pigmentation. Sheer washes are fine, but if you’re gonna go for that bold, purple eye, I say GO FOR IT!

Do Try lining your eyes if you’re not quite ready to color the whole lid. You’ll get the same bold payoff with less commitment.

Don’t Forget to start with a primer. Summer days are H-O-T, and nobody wants blue eyeshadow melting down their cheeks. Prep with a primer first to ensure your makeup lasts for hours.

Now, here are my favorite must-try eyeshadows for summer 2018:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Single, Aqua
I live on the beach, so any shade that reminds me of the ocean automatically gets my approval. This shade has just the slightest shimmer to mimic the crystal-clear sea and is so perfect for summer.

MAC Eyeshadow, Red Brick
With this eyeshadow, bright red meets deep orange for a fiery pop of color that channels summer sunsets on the beach. MAC specializes in deep pigmentation that goes on easy and blends well, so this is a shade that’s sure to last from morning till night.

Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Eyeshadow, 34 Poudre D’Or
Primers are a must if you expect your makeup to beat the summer heat, but it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra staying power from a longwear shadow. Chanel does it best, and this sunny yellow hue screams summer fun. It may look unassuming, but this rich shade will definitely make your eyes pop.

NARS Hardwired Eyehadow, Lunar
Spending more than $25 on a single eye color may seem extreme, but trust me—this one is worth it. NARS eyeshadows go on so soft they feel almost weightless, and you can keep layering to get a color as deep as you like. Lunar is the perfect blend of iridescence and bright violet for a look that demands attention without being too flashy.

MAC Eyeshadow, Black Tied
Okay, so black isn’t exactly a color. However, this black eyeshadow with silver sparkles is the perfect addition to your summer makeup bag for all those classy events that demand a more sophisticated palette. Consider your smoky eye elevated. You’re welcome.

Revlon Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow, Merlot

I may not be old enough to drink merlot, but I’m definitely old enough to know a great eyeshadow when I see it. This shade is a hybrid mix of red and deep purple for a burgundy shade that’s mature but still fun. It’s also formulated as a cream, which makes applying and blending a cinch.

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